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General Information

1. How is VPIFA organized?

Vidor Pirate Intermediate Football Academy is one of thirteen associations that make up the Southeast Texas Junior Football League & Cheerleading (STJFL). In 2012 VPIFA also became an associate member of USA Football.

2. Who is the STJFL?

Southeast Texas Junior Football League and Cheerleading has been one of the premier football leagues in the area for 14 years. The STJFL sets the rules and guidelines for all associations in the league to compete.

3. Who is USA Football?

USA Football is a national association that provides a wide range of services from training to insurance. Each participant registered with VPIFA has a membership to USA Football and access to all of their resources.


1. How are players divided and how much is Registration?

Players and Cheerleaders are split into divisions based on their age as of August 1st of the current year. The divisions are the same for Football and Cheer.









Pee Wee












** A senior player cannot turn 13 before January 1st of the current year.

**Flag and Cheer 4 year olds must turn 5 by December 31st of that playing season.

2. Are there any other restrictions other than age?

There are weight restrictions for football that limit a player to certain positions or the ability to advance the ball in each division. For example there are weight limits in place for running backs and receivers.

3. Can a player play in another division?

Yes. A player may move up one division with a special waiver. The waivers are subject to space available and must also be approved by the VPIFA Board. However, a player may never move down.

4. What is included with registration?

Each player will receive the following to keep:

  • · 1 Game Jersey

Each player will be issued the following equipment to use for the season:

  • · 1 Helmet
  • · 1 Shoulder Pads

6. What else do I need for practice and games?

Players will need to provide the following:

  • · Practice Jerseys
  • · Practice Pants
  • · Football Cleats
  • · Extra Mouthpieces
  • · Water - Practices


7. What is "player certification"?

Player certification is the process in which STJFL verifies that each player/cheerleader is eligible to play for a specific team. They will verify age, weight, and residence. VPIFA will coordinate all player certifications in August.


8. Will there be a tryout for the players?

Yes. The tryouts will be held at the VPIFA football field or designated area.


9. What does my child need to wear on the first day of practice/evaluations?

Shorts, t-shirt, cleats


10. When will we get a game schedule?

The game schedule will be distributed in mid-August.


11. When will we know what team our child is on?

The coach will contact you after the draft.


12. How do you decide which team the kids are on?

A traditional draft will take place after the player evaluations.


Season & Competition

1. How long is the season?

Practices start the first week of August and games start the first week of September. The season is usually 8 weeks long and ends in October. There is a three week playoff system that ends mid-November.

2. How many games will be played "at home"?

It varies but, in general, half our games will be home.

3. What happens if my child misses practice?

We strongly encourage every player/cheerleader to attend EVERY practice. Disciplinary action may be taken if a player misses more than one practice during a week or if the coach notices a trend of absences by a player (every Monday, etc.). Always call the coach to inform him/her that your child will miss a practice.

4. Is there any post season games or activities?

There are 2 types of post season activity. The first is the local playoffs mentioned above to crown a Super Bowl Champion for each division. There is also a Pro-Bowl that is made up of the best players from all teams. The STJFL creates one team for the North and South for each tackle division that play each other on the same day as the Super Bowl games.

The Super Bowl teams as well as the Pro Bowl teams advance to the USA Football post season Championships in November.

5. Where do we play games and who do we play?

We play other STJFL associations all over the area. There will usually be 3 to 5 home games as well as away games. Game schedules will be posted on the STJFL website in August.

6. Is my child guaranteed playing time?

The STJFL has a Mandatory Play Rule or MPR that defines a minimum number of plays in an STJFL game for regular and post season. There is no MPR for Pro-Bowl or USA Football games.

7. Will there be pep rallies?

Absolutely. Pep Rallies highlight our cheerleaders and gets everyone ready for the upcoming game.

8. What do you mean by "closed practices"?

Only VPIFA authorized persons are allowed on the field. This allows our coaches to teach without distractions.



1. Do the parents work in the concession stand?

Yes. Each team will be given a specific day & time. The team mom will solicit workers on a rotating basis.

2. Will we be expected to do any fundraising or candy sales?

Yes. There is a tremendous cost in producing a first-class youth sports program. Fundraising is our primary source of income and we need everyone's involvement.

3. What about team parties and trophies?

There will be a party at the conclusion of the season and each player/cheerleader will receive a participation trophy.

4. What do I do if I don't like my child's coach?

Our coaches are hand-picked based on VPIFA requirements. However, we have a system in place for resolving conflicts and issues. Never approach the coach with an issue. Instead, discuss the problem with our Player Agent and they will work to resolve your concerns.


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