USA Football


NFL Flag Football

Each city will be it's own league and will need to designate one person to be in charge of registration, scheduling and meetings.
This is no contact, 5 on 5 flag football throughout the entire program.
Open to all children ages 5-14, male or female. No physical is needed to participate and there are no medical restrictions.
The fee is $65 per child. This covers their reversible jersey and flag belt.
Teams must be put together before registration. They must have a coach and 5-7 players. It is not the responsibility of the league to put together teams or recruit or assign coaches. That is completely the responsibility of the parties wishing to participate.
Teams have to be in the same age group. The age of the child is determined by whatever age they were as of August 1st, 2018. The age groups are as follows: 5-6 years old, 7-8 years old, 9-11 years old, and 12-14 years old.
All coaches must pass a background check. If the coach had a background through the league during the fall 2018 season, it will be up to league to accept it or request a new one.
Once the coach and team are registered and the season begins, teams will not be allowed to add players at any time during the season. Team rosters are final.
Registration dates are to be decided by each league individually. All registration information and money is to be turned into whoever each league's designated person is and will be due at our next meeting on March 2nd, 2019.
No adults or parents will be refereeing this season. All referees will be teenagers and will attend a training class on what to be watching for, penalties, ect. Referees are paid $10-$15 per game. If there are any interested parties, that information needs to be submitted at the March 2nd meeting along with the registration information from each league.
All games are played on Saturday mornings. In the event that there are any double header games during the season, they will be played back to back.
The season will start on May 4th with that being our first game day. The game day schedule will be as follows: Games on May 4th, May 11th, May 18th. We will have an off week on May 25th. June 1st will be a makeup day. Championship games will be played on June 8th.
Once the season starts, all teams will be required to give a 3 day (72 hour) notice for any and all needed schedule changes. Failure to meet the 3 day notice will result in that team forfeiting the game.
Demond Fisher is trying to get the organization to pay each league $10-$15 per player that signs up. A little initiative for each league to sign more players as a fund raising opportunity. He will be putting together a flyer with all the program information and sending out towards the end of next week.
As of right now, Port Arthur and Nederland have offered to host games, but if anyone else's league is interested in hosting any games this season, please let us know at our next meeting.